OKB brush bar trunking system from OBO

The OKB brush bar trunking system from OBO remains flexible, from the first planning step through to later use. It can be adapted to the appropriate room situation at any time: The mounted trunking can always be opened easily and re-equipped.

Perfectly adjusted

There are almost no signs of how this room is supplied with power. Only a slender, discreet brush bar along the wall or in front of windows to the floor offers an indication. It is there that the open, screed-flush OBK brush bar trunking system from OBO runs. The special feature: The trunking has an opening towards the wall along its entire length. A brush bar covers this opening and serves as visually attractive sight and dust protection. The brush bar means that the trunking fits perfectly into modern buildings in visual terms (for example high-quality private rooms, offices and exhibition areas).

Flexible application

The cables can be run out of the brush bar trunking at any location. This permits flexible cable routing, allowing a power supply close to the workstation. This discreet routing can be adapted to the appropriate room situation at any time. The mounted trunking can be opened easily and re-equipped. The 250 mm-wide trunking is separated into two compartments by means of a partition. Thus, data and power cables can be routed separately.

Installation principle, OKB


External corner


Connector for trunking unit


Supply trunking


Trunking unit with brush bar


Lid butt seal                     


Internal corner


Height-adjustment unit


Wall penetration

Quick mounting

The metal trunking system can be mounted in all floor and screed types. It can also be used in conjunction with underfloor heating or in poured asphalt.

The OKB system is mounted on the directly raw concrete before the screed work. In so doing, it runs along the walls for the entire length of the room. Alternatively, it can be installed in a prepared opening in the screed. During mounting, a great help is the angled screed contact edge. This ensures simple mounting, as it can be used as a drip edge by the screed layer. At the same time, it allows screed-flush installation. The practical fittings, such as internal and external corners, mean that routing in every corner of the room is possible and the trunking system can be adapted to the appropriate room shape. The trunking system can be adjusted to the top edge of the screed using the height-adjustment units. The covers of the OKB system are covered with the selected finished floor after mounting. This creates a perfectly matched trunking system, which is barely visible.

Device installation

The flushfloor trunking system can be used for adaptable device installation and extremely flexible cable routing from the trunking to the workstation. The OKB system can be equipped with sockets, data and multimedia connections, depending on user requirements. Device installation is made possible using OBO's own Modul 45connect range. Device mounting is possible without tools using mounting boxes. This means that later refitting is not a problem: Only the plug connections must be released and the mounting boxes re-equipped.

OKB brush bar trunking system ‒ mounting

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